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AirMan tyre repair kits and sealants are designed to be simple, effective and great value. Find out more about our products be reading some frequently asked questions.  

How Long Does the Sealant Last?

AirMan tyre sealant is supplied with a minimum shelf life of 4 years from purchase. Because of the active ingredients in the solution, we recommend replacing sealant once it expires to be sure it is effective. 

Will the Sealant Damage my Rim or Tyre?

Absolutely Not. The water based sealant uses no harsh chemicals and does not set hard inside the tyre. It is non-corrosive, non-toxic and easily washable to allow for repair. It’s part of our OEM obligations to protect all vehicle components. 

Will the Sealant Effect my TPMS?

Our sealant does not effect TPMS systems and will not damage internal or external sensors. 

How Do I Connect the Repair Kits?

Our valve through tyre repair kits are very easy to use and connect in only a few steps. The Hose from the compressor attaches to the bottle valve. The hose from the bottle is then attached to the tyre. Simple!

Do AirMan Products Works With All Vehicles?

Yes! Providing your vehicle uses standard schrader tyre valves, our compressors and sealants will connect perfectly. 

Why Should I Choose an AirMan Product?

AirMan products are all OEM approved by vehicle manufacturers. This ensures our products are the highest quality whilst delivering great value. 

Can the Sealant be Used on More Than One Tyre?

The Tyre sealant is designed for use in one tyre only. Select the correct size sealant bottle for your vehicle using our sealant guide