ResQTech Tyre Repair Kit

Designed to provide ultimate user comfort and safety in repairing puncture tyres, ResQTech offers the most comprehensive solution in a smart and ergonomic packaging with a complete integration of compressor and sealant bottle.

Tour Inflator

AirMan’s Tour inflator is the best selling compact tyre inflator for both cars and motrocylces. It's convenient size means it easily fits into glove boxes, under seats or in a bag. 

ResQ Tyre Repair Kit

The ResQ Tyre Repair kit is the most popular tyre repair solution used by leading vehicle manufacturers. It's versatility, value and simplicity make it the best selling OEM kit on the market and the preferred choice for manufacturers and customers. 

Manufacturer Approved

AirMan products are the same solutions supplied directly to many of the worlds leading automotive manufacturers. That means when you buy AirMan you are buying the most trusted solution available. 

Here are just a few manufacturers that trust our brand.

Airman UK offers tyre repair and inflation solutions


Which AirMan?

AirMan offers high quality tyre repair and inflate solutions. Select the one that is right for your vehicle type or everyday inflation needs.

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The AirMan brand is the preferred tyre repair choice of leading auto manufacturers and consumers. Our AirMan technology is the preferred and most trusted.

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AirMan outperforms look alike products in the market by offering the fastest inflation time, unmatched compressor durability, and superior sealant performance...

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Manufacturers that trust our brand